Lifetime Distribution – 90/10 Admin Deal


Our admin deal is designed to help record labels distribute their music to a wider audience and maximize their revenue potential. Our market-based organizational structure and performance-based rating system ensure that record labels receive the best possible service and support from our team. We also provide a user-friendly dashboard that allows record labels to track their sales, revenue, and customer feedback in real-time.

Our labels gain access to streaming media promotions, radio rotation, tour support, network TV, and the publicity required for product to be seen and heard throughout the world. We specialize in the creation, implementation and execution of national or regional promotions along with fully integrated marketing campaigns.


By choosing GMGD’s Lifetime Distribution Admin Deal, your record label can benefit from our extensive experience, expertise, and network in the music industry. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and grow their business in a sustainable and profitable way.



With your admin deal, the following services are available for your record label releases;

  • Consultation
  • Manufacturing
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Development
  • College Radio
  • Digital Radio
  • FM Radio
  • Network TV for Music Videos
  • Tour support
  • Online Targeting
  • PR Services
  • Award Shows w/ Red Carpet Access
  • Lifestyle Accommodations

Our company has liaison with program directors, station managers, and DJ’s to achieve national or regional airplay exposure for our clients. We coordinate weekly conferences with program directors, and all stations pay royalties as well as report to major charts. In addition to this, your music is encoded with Mediabase. Reports are delivered weekly!

We also provide additional servicing to Music Television Networks such as CMT, MTV, BET Jams, Music Choice, and many more.

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