Our Company

As the consulting division of Global Media Group, ABC Creative Consulting provides its clients with consulting on:

  • Media Insights
  • Marketing Guidance
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Event Marketing
  • Creative Connections
  • Consumer Insights
  • Promotional Communications

Global Media Group’s strategic marketing & promotions division brings new meaning to success. We specialize in the creation, implementation and execution of national or regional promotions along with fully integrated marketing campaigns.

What You Can Receive

Gain access to streaming media promotions, radio rotation, touring, and the publicity you need for your product to be seen and heard throughout the world.

Our clients can receive full service of rotation on major radio stations such as: FM Terrestrial, College Radio, Digital Radio, and SiriusXM. Our company has liaison with program directors, station managers, and DJ’s to achieve national or regional airplay exposure for our clients. We coordinate weekly conferences with program directors, and all stations pay royalties as well as report to major airplay charts. In addition to this, your music is encoded with BDS Mediabase. Airplay reports are delivered weekly!

We also provide additional servicing to Music Television Networks such as CMT, MTV, BET Jams, Music Choice, and many more.

For outdoor billboard, digital or social media advertising, visit our company Advertising World Agency

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